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I am very excited to share some great news: I was named to the Dallas Business Journal 40 Under 40 Awards for 2021!

I am so grateful for this award. It is only possible because I try my best to put God and sobriety first, every day.

I sometimes fall short of my goals (fortunately, not sobriety!), but that's okay, because my amazing employees lead the way.

Thank you so much to the Dallas Business Journal for this honor and recognition.

Some thoughts on forcing myself to start healthy habits and make other meaningful changes. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak!

I saw this graffiti wall next to a gas station, and I had to stop for a photo.

It spoke to me, because I often tell my employees to “be the light to help others shine.”

It’s the little moments like these that give me spiritual confirmation that we are on the right path.