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I recorded this video the morning of March 22. As it was uploading, I got a call that changed my life forever, and I didn't post the video as a result.

I've now reached a point where I am more comfortable sharing the message, which is even more meaningful to me now.

Saturday marked an important milestone in the history of Cornbread Hustle.

That's Ben, who sent me this photo. On March 6, 2016 - five years ago this past weekend - the idea for a second-chance staffing agency was born.

I was at a transition house with Ben, helping him learn how to use Google. He had recently finished a 20-year prison sentence, and a lot had changed on the internet since he went into incarceration.

We searched for jobs Ben might like, and I picked up the phone to talk with prospective employers. I joined him at his first job interview to advocate for him. He was hired and paid $10 an hour.

Today, Ben is a working professional, earning six figures and with two years of living expenses saved up!

I really needed this reminder.

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