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This week, I appeared on Julian Placino's YouTube show and podcast, Pathways to Success. Julian is a motivational / success speaker and entrepreneur, who aims to help companies draw top talent.

We covered a wide range of topics, including addiction, recovery, entrepreneurship, and second chances. Enjoy!

Sometimes, I feel like a victim of my own success. I even catch myself being resentful of how busy I get, because I have so many responsibilities and commitments pulling me in many directions.

This week, I reflected on the lies I used to tell myself when I was starting out as an entrepreneur, and the loopholes I was trying to jump through in order to "succeed" without putting in the work.

I hope sharing my experiences and being totally transparent will be helpful to anyone trying to start or grow their own business.

Cornbread Hustle is preparing to open up dozens of jobs in Sherman, Texas, near the Red River and just south of the Oklahoma state line.

This is especially exciting for me because Sherman is where I got my first on-air TV news reporting job. The screen shot below comes from my first "live shot" -- a live report seen be television viewers in the Sherman and Ada, Oklahoma areas. I was so nervous, I was shaking!

I can't wait to meet our first employees in my old stomping grounds.