Achievement Unlocked: Fitness Goal

Today, I learned I hit my weight and body fat percentage goals that I set last year.

I really didn't believe I would achieve these goals when I wrote them down. I didn't keep up with the numbers on the bathroom scale, because I was focused on staying sober. That meant eating sugar whenever I wanted (and I did).

I guess focusing on my mental health and recovery was the way to results. Before that, I had been making life harder than it needed to be, for a long time. I was focusing on the wrong things, worshipping money and image instead of God and who He created me to be.

I am so grateful to be on this journey. It's painful at times, but worth it.

I will add that putting all my focus on mental health and recovery resulted in our business growing exponentially. I pray that 2021 is the year corporations invest in mental health awareness for their employees. It's a difficult culture change, but worth it!

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