Another Second-Chance Success Story

I want to share a real-life example of how powerful second-chance hiring can be.

I recently came across a guy who had expert-level recruiting skills and experience. Despite being four years sober, he was working at a furniture store making $10 per hour. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he was grateful someone gave him the opportunity to stay busy while focusing on his sobriety.

His felony conviction held him back from getting back into corporate recruiting, so he humbled himself and did what he had to do.

We made him an offer to work for our company, and he has skills like nobody I've ever seen. He's blown through our open positions and has successfully placed several people in high-salaried positions with varying skills.

We are used to seeing people with criminal records shine every day at Cornbread Hustle because of their grit and humility, but sometimes it's good to share these stories as a reminder to the workforce that second-chance hiring works. It really does.

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