Reverse-Engineering Your Goals, or How Giant Post-It Notes Saved My Life

Updated: May 21, 2021

By identifying the biggest obstacle to achieving your goals, you can start to create a path toward success.


I was just sitting here, working with a another female on some goal setting, and we were talking about reverse-engineering your goals.

For me three years ago, I literally was at my bottom. I lived in this apartment. I had literally nothing in this house, nothing in this house but a metal chair -- a metal fold-out chair, and literally just these giant sticky notes.

In hindsight, looking back, why I would spend $40 on sticky notes to try to get my life together when I had no money? It kind of makes me laugh. But now looking back, that money I spent literally got me on the right track and saved my life.

So first of all, I will say that I literally was negative bank account three years ago living here. Yes, I'm only two years sober. But three years ago is when I started trying, I started trying to have a better life, I started trying to fix everything around me, obviously, I just wasn't ready wasn't in the moment in my life that I was ready to give up alcohol and really ready to go head on. And success just is not linear. Sometimes, our roads can be windy, and we still get to her destination.

So for me, what I did was I came up with a list and I do this every New Year's Eve came up with the list of 10 things or less, sometimes I cut it real down to really short. But 10 things or less I want to accomplish by the end of the year. And then when I list those things out, I end up putting sticky notes all over my wall. And I'll show you I have them up on my wall right now. And I did a little tiny outline because I can't tell you all my secrets and what I'm working on, right? The girl's got to have some kind of mystery! But I put all my sticky notes up on the wall. So I can literally stay on track with my goals and make things happen.

I will tell you guys that I went from really, really a low place in my life, the lowest place in my life, to now I do run a multimillion-dollar revenue-generating company. That's not to say that I'm like completely rich and balling out of control, I'm still in the same apartment. But I do get a paycheck, I do have stability, I love my job, I have savings, I have health insurance, all these things that I did not think that I could have. And if it all stayed like this for the rest of my life, I would actually be okay with that. And these videos are not to tell you guys how to live your life or what you should change or how to become a millionaire overnight. These videos are just to share my experiences. And I have complete awareness. And I can acknowledge that at any moment, I could lose all of this if I don't stay focused.

So I am going to show you guys a little bit of my sticky notes and my process. I might ask my friend here to help me with this video because I still have not got any type of video equipment, despite all these videos that I do, because why not? Me? Or why it works just the way it should. So I'm going to pull this back. Can you pull it

back for me girlfriend? Okay, that's good. You guys probably can't read any of this. And that's fine. I'll just tell you guys about it.

So I do January, February, March, April, May, June. So basically, six different giant sticky notes with two months on each one. So one of my first goals and my main goal is to reach three years sober, because everything has to follow that. And my suggestion when you're making your goals is pick that one kryptonite that you have that's holding you back from reaching your goals. Are you going back and continuing a relationship with a toxic ex that you continue? Keep going back to and it's keeping you out of the way of getting in? You're getting in your own way of your happiness? Or do you have anger outbursts? And is it affecting how you feel in your relationships? Maybe you'll want to put in December one year like anger outburst free, right?

And again, just know that just because it's written down and it's on here, give yourself some grace. That doesn't mean like, Oh, I didn't. I didn't complete three chapters of my book in January. So I'm a failure. No, it just means it's up there. You're aware of it, and maybe it will roll into the next month. I have stuff on my sticky notes from three years ago, I still haven't accomplished but it still stays on the forefront of my mind and it still got me to where I am today.

So I for myself because sobriety is the main thing for me. I have in November my sobriety photo shoot because I send out Christmas cards every year that holds me accountable. In July I want to be 2.5 years sober and I'll take a trip, right so then let's look at business for my business by December, I want to have 300 employees on the payroll. So how do I do that I have in June, I need to get two more clients signed, which is an additional four clients for this year. And April, I want to have 150 employees on the payroll. In March, I would like to share three success stories, some really good well produced success stories, because that's going to help us with marketing and get those goals.

So some of my goals, three out of my 10 goals, obviously, three years sober, I want to get closer to God. So I have in here by the end of February, join or host a Bible study. Why did I Oh, it's in February, I put it in February, because I'm very conscious that January is going to be a busy month for us, I'm going to be under a lot of pressure. So I make sure that I'm realistic with my goals, and then give myself some grace, I want to write a book by the end of December. So I reverse engineer and I'm like complete three chapters of the book, I gave myself a break in February on random chapters of the book, because I know it's a short month, and I'm planning to try to host a Bible study.

So as you go through and figure out your plan, my suggestion is just give yourself some grace, um, put your personal stuff first, like nothing else can follow. For me, it's my relationship with God. And it's sobriety that comes first, all the rest come second, I'm going to take the phone so I can show them a little bit of these sticky notes. So obviously, like, there is here, you can take the phone again, there are a lot of things here because I haven't filled out all my stuff yet, because it's not New Year's Eve. But usually all these lines will be filled out.

And as I'm going through, it feels so good to scrape these off. Oh my gosh, scrape, scrape, scrape, I'm scraping them off. And I will tell you over the last three years, there were times that I got all the way to October. And I was just now scraping something off in January. But the reason why I do this and why I keep all the months have at all times. Even though it's not really pretty decor, I don't care who's coming over and my goal come first. Even though it's not pretty. Every single time I walk up my stairs every single day, I'm walking back and forth past my goals, and I'm keeping them first. And I'm keeping my focus where it needs to be. So even though I fell short on my goals from January or from July, I can be in December and look back at that goal and be glad that I finally made it and I can celebrate that. The last thing that I will leave you guys with speaking of celebration, is make sure that you have things as rewards for yourself. For me, I have the 2.5 years sober trip, I have to look forward to things I have to have milestones. And you guys might notice on here, I don't have any weight goals. I'm not trying to lose weight, I'm not trying to drink more water, I'm making sure that I'm focusing on my well being and making sure that I'm focusing on what's going to help me become a better person, get closer to God, and stay sober.

And honestly guys, the rest is followed. I've learned that the less that I work on the white knuckling trying to build my business trying to become successful, and the more I work on myself, everything just kind of flows and everything just kind of follows. So I hope this video will help some of you if you're doing some 2021 planning.

Maybe this puts you in some kind of direction. You don't have to go out and buy $40 giant sticky notes. I know that's crazy, but it worked for me. So that's what I did. I hope everybody has a great rest of your week and Happy New Year.

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