The Power of PR: TV News Story Leads to Surge in Calls to Our Staffing Agency

Earlier this month, I spoke with a reporter from Spectrum News 1, a new local news outlet available to cable TV subscribers across Texas. The resulting report went live on TV and online yesterday.

I'm always excited to share the story of our second-chance staffing agency Cornbread Hustle with a broad audience that might not know who we are or what we do. What surprised me was just how many people apparently saw the report! We got a surge of phone calls and emails this week from folks who saw it and wanted to learn more about CBH.

It's a great reminder that TV still carries a lot of influence and can be a powerful tool in sharing your story, whether you're a beginning entrepreneur with a great idea or the owner of an established business. Finding a way to make your story worthwhile to a news reporter is a win-win: they get an informative article to post and share, and you get free publicity.

You can watch the Spectrum News 1 story here. If you're looking for a second-chance employment opportunity yourself, or if your company is interested in hiring one of our eager and motivated Hustlers, be sure to check out

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