Need Cheri to speak at your event or have a media inquiry? 


Cheri Garcia delivers an upbeat heartfelt message that will leave you inspired to make a difference and create change from within. 


Below are a list of topics Cheri speaks about





Cheri shares her personal journey and struggle with addiction. She shares real stories that will resonate and relate to others in your audience. Most importantly, she shares  solution and gives hope that there's a way out. 


God works relentlessly to help Cheri climb out of the pits of depression, anxiety, addiction and fear. Cheri shares her story of redemption and how she learned to hear God's voice guide her in decision making personally and professionally. 


Cheri shares her journey of entrepreneurship and how avoiding personal transformation added fuel to the fire of the unhealthy highs and lows she craved with starting businesses. Cheri also shares tips and examples of how to grow your business while working on yourself.


Workplace culture 

Cheri hosts workshops and speaks for companies that want to open conversation and create a safe place for employees regarding vulnerability, personal goals, mental health, or addiction.